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Testimonial from Mrs Alice PDF Print E-mail


After joining the swimming class under Mr Danil, my children now can swim like a flying fish

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 March 2009 08:29
Fantastic Teacher PDF Print E-mail
Mr Danil is a fantastic teacher. He is with great patience especially towards young children. My son, Tony always refuses to take up any lesson in any form. Mr Danil somehow pursuaded him to take up swimming lesson.

A times, Tony can be quite moody and doesn’t want to go for his swimming lesson, but Mr Danil somehow manages to handle him. Tony always enjoys his swimming lesson eventhough his is moody at the beginning. Mr Danil always uses different tools to keep his lesson interesting. He really puts his heart into his lesson.

My daughter Sylvie also took a short swimming course by Mr Danil. She enjoyed the lesson very much as compared to her previous lesson. Her ex swimming teacher was quite strict and serious. I think swimminglesson can be quite fun if the swimming coach adopts a unique approach like what Mr Danil does.

Thank you, Mr Danil

Michele Tan, Tony & Sylvie.
(Vista Komanwel B Condominium, Bukit Jalil)
Last Updated on Monday, 06 April 2009 03:03
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