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No More "Walking" in the Swimming Pool PDF Print E-mail
Dear Danil,
My eldest son has learned swimming with another coach before. He has difficulty lifting up his head to breath after months of training. Under coach Danil instruction, only after few lessons, my eldest son knows the method to lift up the head. I would like to thanks coach Danil for this.
Now my eldest son and daughter are in advance class. Without coach Danil's patient and his creative way of training, my children may still be "walking" in the swimming pool.
My youngest son starts learning this year and has shows big improvement too. He always get excited when there is swimming lesson.
I highly recomment coach Danil to other parents and students.
A big THANK YOU to coach Danil.
From Ting & family

There is None PDF Print E-mail


I’m very thankful to coach Danil. Few months ago, my neigbour introduced him to me and my eldest son Huai Xi and my sister’s children took swimming lesson from him. I felt that he is very patient and very patient and also very passionate in teaching all his student. Under his excellent coaching, the three children had learned to swim in various styles with grace. I myself also feel that three of them had learned a lot from him and they are very happy as well. So I say, for a better swimming coach there is none.

From Penny & Carrine

(Bukit Jalil, KL)


Last Updated on Monday, 17 August 2009 19:46
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